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    WUHAN CLOUD NINE INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD. Tel: +86 27 87505281Mobile: +86 18771058471 Email: Web:
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    Wuhan Cloud Nine International Trade Co.,Ltd. is an international trading office located in Wuhan city, "the Chicago of China". With the back up of an over 500 square 
    metre factory erected in Xiantao city, Cloud Ninehave been doing really well on non woven items since 2003.
    At present, our main products including: Non-woven products(1-ply and 2-ply paper mask,bouffant cap,mob cap,doctor cap with tie on,many different of shoe cover,isolation gown,surgical gown,lab coat,coveralland so on), Plastic products (PE Apron,PE sleeve,PE shoe cover) and disposable glove (Nitrile Glove,Latex Glove,Vinyl Glove), which are widely used in the Industries of Medical Care, Hotel, Beauty,Food and Industrial Security.
    People in the world needs to be safe and comfortable . That’s why Cloud Nineoffers a complete line of personal protective apparel and accessories made with  quality materials and superior craftsmanship that meet or exceed industry safety requirements and standards. Our selection of products includes medical face mask,isolation gown,surgical gown,protective overalls,shoe cover,bed sheets,pillow cover and caps in a variety of styles and materials.  We offer the best in  fabric selection and can custom-tailor personal protective apparel to meet your requirements for keeping workers safe from hazardous particulates, liquids, and virus.
    Over 10 years in this field,Cloud Nine has acquired and maintained a good reputation for its consistent high quality products, reliable delivery dates, quite reasonable prices as well as considerate service.
    Our passionate and professional international trading teams will provide high quality service for you. Please feel free to contact with us at any time.

    Tel: +86 027-87505281  Mobile: +86 18771058471  E-mail: 

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